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Ultimate Champions is an entirely free-to-play fantasy football game with officially licensed digital cards hosted as NFTs on the blockchain. By selecting the right athletes and winning tournaments, players can earn the game's native cryptocurrency, $CHAMP, and NFT rewards in the form of digital football & basketball collectible cards. These assets hold tangible value, empowering players to turn their strategic expertise and sports knowledge into real-world earnings. Featuring licensing agreements with over 130+ European football and basketball clubs, including Arsenal, Vfl Wolfsburg, and Bayer Leverkusen, Ultimate Champions takes pride in its authentic and expansive sporting world. The game also incorporates the entirety of the EuroLeague and EuroCup, giving players access to the pinnacle of European basketball.


You will receive a random football athlete. Each athlete is a playable card within the game. The supply of 5000 is made up of 4990 Common Cards and 10 Epic Cards. Ultimate Cards can have two type of performance bonuses that will impact their final score: Card Rarity bonus and Card Condition bonus. Rarities define the number of season editions of Ultimate Cards that will be minted over the course of a season (August to July every year): -Common (infinite supply) -Epic (300) -Mythic (30) -Unique (1) Rarity performance Cards with a higher rarity will also have a higher performance bonus that will increase the points they score each game week: -Common +0% -Epic +25% -Mythic +50% -Unique +100% There are four different Card Conditions : Mint, Great, Good, Standard. Each condition comes with a specific amount of Tournament entries and performance bonus. When NFT cards (Epic, Mythic, Unique cards) are first received (from Packs or Rewards) they are in Mint Condition. As cards are used in game mode, their amount of 'Tournament entries' will decrease. When the number of 'Tournament Entries' for a card condition reaches zero, the card will move down to a lower condition state. Tournament entries & Performance bonuses of each Conditions: -Mint Condition 10 tournament entries 15% performance bonus. ​-Great Condition 20 tournament entries 10% performance bonus. -Good Condition 30 tournament entries 5% performance bonus. -Standard Condition At this stage, card no longer have a condition bonus or icon -Genesis (Special Edition) Genesis special edition cards will permanently retain the ""Mint Condition"" bonus. 15% Performance bonus.

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