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The Last Monarchy is a blockchain strategy game set in the ancient times. There will be three nations in the game for now, Egypt, Romans and China. The game token will have the name LAST, and like the game it will be on Immutable X. We will have our own NFT collection of lands, heroes, and in-game assets can be purchased with the LAST token. *We have identified and prevented accounts that are likely bots from the Oct 2 public event, and have added an additional public event to take place on Oct 6.Our most sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to those who reserved on Oct 2. NB: Those who have previously reserved from Last Monarchy Public Event Day 1 will NOT be able to reserve again from this Public Event Day 2. *You MUST register your Earn Alliance-connected Metamask with Immutable to be able to receive your Airdrop!*


- 20% Discount and mint priority on Main Mint Event at the end of November. - Sneak Peek Royalty - Founder status in Discord - The right to participate in the lotteries that other members won't be able to - You'll enjoy privileged access to every stage of our game's development: the right to be the first to test the Beta version of the game when it becomes available, shaping The Last Monarchy before it reaches the masses. Your feedback will be instrumental in perfecting our kingdom.

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