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Cryptopia is the first fully decentralized, on-chain game that runs without central game servers. We make onboarding as easy as possible by our integrated multisig wallet, our free-to-play-and-earn model, and our gasless solution on the SKALE chain. Cryptopia is a mix of Civilization (strategy), Tycoon games (business simulation) and RPGs. All resources are tokenized, all game items are NFTs. We use blockchain as a key component: everything that represents value or determines player effectiveness is on-chain. We have a gaming model that ties players that spend/purchase to players that don't want/cannot spend. These two groups need each other to progress. They create quests and jobs for each other and pay rewards to each other. There is a real player-to-player economy (our vision of decentralization: user-generated content in a community-owned game).


TO BE RAFFLED: An NFT Ship loaded with tokens, allowing you to earn 50 tokens daily. Additionally, exclusive skins for the ships will be awarded to EVERY participant who completes a certain number of quests in Cryptopia. Earn Alliance referral details - USE CODE: 98BD83 Sign up and complete your profile on https://cryptopia.com/airdrop/ref/98BD83 Once fully verified you can increase your share of the $87,500 airdrop by doing missions and inviting friends. Everything you do grants you Power. The more Power you have, the better rewards you get. Missions consist of social tasks (like, share, follow), in-game activities (quests, crafting, gathering, etc.) and more! Inviting friends gives a boost to your Power. Everything your friends do, gives you a boost. This goes two levels deep: friends of your friends will also boost your Power! But that's not all. Partners of Cryptopia also provide prizes and rewards! Some are first come, first served, some are exclusive to specific channels, and some are luck-based... Make sure to enable push notifications to never miss an opportunity!

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