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Picture a world where blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and immersive gameplay seamlessly converge to redefine your gaming experience. Welcome to Chibi Clash, where every step is a stride towards legendary status! As a promising warrior, you wield a pivotal force in shaping the destiny of the kingdom and influencing the unfolding narrative. Navigate through a dynamic world that evolves with each action you take and every decision you make. Begin your journey by overcoming challenges as a survivor amidst the vast landscapes of Shintidi. Defeat your enemies and unearth treasure chests that hold powerful items. With every discovery, accumulate rewards and power to fortify and build up your kingdom. From your humble beginnings to the soaring heights of a legendary hero, your journey unfolds with limitless possibilities. Your adventure awaits – will you carve your legacy as a survivor, or ascend to become the legendary hero that we need? This adventure is yours to tell.


Badge Holders will be eligible to win a Kingdoms Pass via Raffle. Quantity of Kingdoms Pass to be raffled off: 10 - Chibi Clash will raffle from the list of WA addresses of badge holders (Metamask, Coinbase and other wallets which can adapt WalletConnect WAs will do) - The Kingdom Pass will be under Immutable zkEVM chain. For distribution to winners, it is requested that the winners sign in with Passport and link their existing Metamask wallet. Passport wallet is created automatically for them by Immutable. After the user links their wallet, they can then claim the Pass. The Kingdom Pass unlocks a plethora of utilities and benefits in the new phase of Chibi Clash. Kingdom Pass holders are set for an enhanced experience with early game access, whitelists for upcoming mints, sales, and access to exclusive features in the Chibi Clash Kingdom. This pass is a gateway to a richer, more immersive world. With only 1,555 Kingdom Pass NFTs in existence, owning one is a testament to your engagement and dedication to the Chibi Clash universe.

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