Bounty Temple - Titan's Mark




Bounty Temple - Titan's Mark


Badge Holder Mint: Jan 23 (9am HKT) to Jan. 24 (4:59pm HKT) Public Mint: Jan. 24 (5pm HKT) - Jan. 26 (9am HKT) Bounty Temple spearheads Orasis Studio's revolutionary P2E-Evolution initiative, marking the inaugural release among the upcoming 100 games on the platform. Departing from conventional P2E models, the game embraces a whole new concept - P2E-Evolution, a model that is made to prevent downtime caused by future bearish market trends. One of its most profound features, Bounty Temple introduces $GIA, the World's First Stable Utility Token, priced at $0.10 and will maintain its resilience regardless of market conditions. This innovative model implemented by Orasis Studio addresses sustainability challenges prevalent in the P2E landscape, and on top of that introduced some ground breaking solutions.


Bounty Temple is thrilled to introduce the Titan's Mark NFT collection, inviting users to embark on an exciting journey filled with rewards. This collection grants the following: - Early access to the $TYT token public sales - Special K-Rune NFT Whitelist for the Guarantee Round - In-game gems for smoother item purchases (Q2 2024 will be airdropped once the game is live) - Pet Gacha Boxes Raffle (Q2 2024 will be airdropped once the game is live) - A shot at winning in the $1000 $TYT To get in on the action and mint the exclusive Titan's Mark NFT, interested individuals must complete a set of tasks, including researching the project through the whitepaper link. Dive into the Titan's Mark NFT collection for a captivating adventure brimming with valuable rewards and endless possibilities.

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