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Free-to-play Strategy Trading Card game built by community Under Realm: Rise of Magic takes place in the chaotic, fragmented world of ATEM, where humans and other races are constantly fighting each other, to quench the endless thirst for power, and wealth, and gradually take control over ATEM. Steel, blood, and brute force were the main material of the savage battles until mysteriously, mankind discovered the long-lost magical scripts that allow them to summon mighty, ancient creatures/ entities that can turn the tide in no time. And no one wants to be left behind in this race. Adventurers across ATEM are desired by factions to discover the forgotten dungeons across this continent. Players join the Under Realm as adventurers who will confront each other in the search for the long-lost scripts in hidden dungeons acros


  • Turn-based strategy
  • Single-player
  • Online competitive
  • Multi-player
  • Solana