The Biggest Fight Club in the Metaverse MFC is reinventing entertainment, starting with the release of 6,969 EGGs, alien technology used to generate truly unique mechabots! Each Mechabot will train, fight, compete and breed for you, earning BokBoks based on human engagement and performance. Only 41,000 genesis mechabots can ever be produced: one for each EGG left on Earth by the advanced Satoshi aliens. Launched in the far future world of 2136, MechaFightClub has reclaimed control of unique alien superweapons to repurpose them as weapons of mass entertainment! Each mechabot has its own artificially-intelligent personality, simulated genome, 5 bionics, a color and a complexion. Each will be ranked based on competition performance, popularity, genetic prowess and aesthetic rarity."


  • Fighting & martial arts
  • Multi-player
  • Other
  • Solana