Washed up on a Pirate Port after an accident at sea, you are left to fend for yourself or join on of four factions that make up the United Alliance of Pirates. The GreenRock Empire has placed a bounty on your head, sending out privateers for your capture. Form a crew with other pirates and do what it takes to survive against the dangers lurking above and bellow the waters. Bring glory to your name by plundering your way to the top. Embark on journeys across vast open seas and turn islands into your own Pirate Port. Participate in the player economy and become a resource powerhouse. Find hidden treasures to enrich yourself with Doubloons and rare gems from the Gods. Live your life without limitation, as the world of Piracy puts no limit on your imagination.


  • Farming & Crafting
  • Sandbox & physics
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Open-world
  • MMO
  • Other