Live (pre-release)


At its core, Bezogia represents the birth of Decentralized Gaming-as-a-Service (DGaaS) as a platform and protocol layer by ZOGI Labs. Here, you'll encounter and build a boundless MMORPG that transforms into the first ever Gaming Metaverse like no other. Empowering every player to become a world builder, every quest to be an epic journey, and every decision to hold real, tangible value. This whitepaper outlines the disruptive innovation the team at ZOGI Labs has built as it grows the creative infrastructure and decentralized architecture to push every boundary. With the successful launch of $MBLK (available on Uniswap, , Mexc) at the start of the year and staking going live in January. ZOGI Labs is ready to launch Bezogia V1 (Creators Economy, Legends, PVP) on iOS, Android (Play Store), PC and Epic Games Store this March. Enjoy exploring our white-paper and we welcome you to share your inspirations with us. We are just getting started !


  • Sandbox & physics
  • Adventure
  • Platformer
  • Action
  • RPG
  • Anime
  • Open-world
  • Free to play
  • MMO
  • Single-player
  • Online competitive
  • Multi-player
  • Opensea
  • Ethereum