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Atlantis Revival

The Atlantis Universe is a universe inspired by the legendary Atlantis civilization. 11,000 years ago, Atlantis was a civilization of significant technological progress, becoming the most prosperous continent on Earth. Due to its arrogance, Atlantis angered the gods and suffered devastating punishment. Zeus and other Olympian Gods sank the entire continent to the bottom of the sea, civilization collapsed. Most of the inhabitants of Atlantis perished; the few who survived were either half-human, half-god, or monster. These demigod descendants, thanks to their unique abilities, have adapted to life on the ocean floor. They are determined to restore and develop the destroyed civilization. This journey is full of hardships, with countless dangerous challenges. Play as the demigods of Atlantis to begin the journey to restore the lost civilization.


  • Adventure
  • Platformer
  • Space
  • Single-player
  • Other
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